Bending The Universe


Bending the Universe is a participatory art installation that maps an abstract timeline of the Universe. Commissioned by the Queens Council on the Arts, the installation moved through phases of Universe creation, from the Big Bang, to the unknown end.

Along one mode of interaction, players select a ‘game piece’ with a word written on it. They add their game piece to the installation wherever they choose. Their choice determines the creative exercise they are asked to complete, in a moment in time. After completion, they receive a ‘horoscope’ based on a fortune-telling system I have designed.  The horoscope, often eerily prophetic, determines their next steps in the game, which creates the opportunity for participants to make a decision in their real lives.

Bending the Universe is a foray into quantifying the impact of art, while creating a new form of art, a horoscope based on patterns in the universe.

Brooklyn Grange, 2015, Mixed Media Installation

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